Pass your next urine test with scientifically advanced Uridex-5

Uridex-5’s powerful formula is designed to:

  • Mask the alcohol markers commonly tested
  • Inhibit the production of EtG
  • Help you pass a biomarker urine test

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Scientifically Advanced Formula for Passing Urine Tests

Pass your EtG urine test with Uridex-5

Most urine tests look for the presence of Ethyl glucuronide (EtG) to determine whether or not an individual has been drinking alcohol.

EtG is a molecule formed in the body after an individual has consumed alcohol. EtG is a highly sensitive molecule that can remain in your system for up to five days after you consume alcohol, which is why it is the preferred test by probation officers, police and employers.

Uridex-5 was specifically formulated to inhibit the production of EtG in the body. When consumed before drinking alcohol, Uridex-5 makes EtG levels undetectable, allowing for a clean urine test result.

Failing a urine test can lead to serious consequences, including jail time.

Our Satisfaction to You

Uridex-5 is a scientifically advanced formula that is backed by a money back satisfaction. If for some reason you are not satisfied with Uridex-5, simply return your unused doses of Uridex-5 to receive triple your money back within 30 days of purchase.

You have everything to lose if you consume alcohol without using Uridex-5. A failed test can change your life in an instant. With Uridex-5, you can rest assured, knowing your urine will pass the test.

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Protect Yourself With Uridex-5

  • Are you on probation?
  • Are you afraid of random urine tests?
  • Is there a chance you may consume alcohol before your probation ends?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then you need to order Uridex-5 today.

Uridex-5’s advanced formula will help ensure you pass an upcoming urine test if taken before consuming alcohol. Avoid facing the consequences of a failed urine test.

What impact does a failed urine test have on your life?

The Dangers of Failing

Many people on probation forget how severe failing a urine test can be on their lives. Failing to pass a urine test can lead to:

  • Jail time
  • Losing a job
  • Spending hours of community service
  • Loss of time with family and friends
  • Loss of money for potential fines

Fact: Failing a urine test not only impacts you, but also those around you. Protecting your life is protecting your future. Don’t allow a failed urine test to set you back. Order Uridex-5 today and leave your worries behind!

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Why You Should Order Uridex-5

If you’re on probation, then Uridex-5 is quite literally your “get out of jail free” card. Failing a urine test can have a very serious impact on your life and you might even end up in jail. Thousands of people trust Uridex-5 because:


Scientifically advanced ingredients

The specialized formulation inhibits the production of EtG and contains all-natural ingredients.

No -prescription

No prescription required

Anybody can order Uridex-5 to pass upcoming urine tests.


Triple money back guarantee

We’re so confident in Uridex-5 that we’ll give you triple your money back if you fail your urine trust or are unsatisfied.


Delivers fast, consistent results

Uridex-5's fast-acting results help you stay in the clear when faced short-notice urine tests.

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Protect Yourself With Uridex-5 Today

Find out why thousands of people trust Uridex-5 to help them pass a urine test. Try Uridex-5 risk free knowing that you are backed by an Unconditional 30 day Money-Back Satisfaction. Get started today by selecting your desired quantity below.
  • Inhibit the production of EtG
  • Pass your urine tests
  • Avoid jail time

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